A Local’s Restaurant Guide to Dining Out in Downtown Metuchen

A Local’s Restaurant Guide to Dining Out in Downtown Metuchen

Known as a walking town, Metuchen is home to a number of locally owned restaurants that have kept foodies coming here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks for years. Whether you’re taking advantage of the (thankfully) easy-to-park town or maybe taking mass transit, there’s plenty of places to tickle your tastebuds and with our local’s guide, you’ll know where to go and what to eat – just make sure to schedule multiple visits!

Main Street Metuchen Dining Destinations

Looking for a local that’s a bit, shall we say, ooh la la? With Café Paris, your meal will not only be delicious, but you’ll also start to feel the romance. This cozy cafe features hand-painted walls that transport you right to the streets of Paris. Dine here for dinner, but be sure to come back for breakfast. It’s just as irresistible. 439 Main Street,  732.603.9200, Metuchen  http://www.thecafeparis.com

Need that warm Caribbean vibe without the baggage fees? Head over to Angie’s Cafe & Bakery where locals have been coming for delicious baked goods and Caribbean dishes. No matter what time of day it is, you’ll be able to choose from savory plates like empanadas and hearty stews for lunch and dinner to tres leches and flan for dessert, and a number of freshly baked breakfast items. 275 Amboy Ave, Metuchen 732.515.9515

With the doors open all day long, Brewed Awakening has your back for not only coffee, but everything from soups to wraps, sandwiches, paninis, and salads. What has really drawn us to this spot is their take on Mexican breakfast dishes like six different spicy omelets and mouth-watering breakfast quesadillas packed with eggs and chorizo that you can order anytime you want (not just before noon!) 417 Main Street732.744.9700, Metuchen  http://brewedawakening417.com/

Twenty-two beers on tap, access to Hailey’s Harpcade next door, and a menu that covers all of your Irish  pub classics from Drunken Irish Potatoes to more traditional American fare like Hailey’s Cheesesteaks. There is something for everyone on the menu at Hailey’s Harp and Pub which is why you’ll always find friends and families hanging out. 400 Main Street, Metuchen 732.321.0777 http://www.haileysharpandpub.com/

Take-out Italian anyone? At Fresco Italian Deli you’ll find a full line up of Italian specialities, house made salads and soups, fresh mozzarella, and an array of imported meats and cheeses. Now you just have to pick something. Good luck choosing just one! 456 Main Street, Metuchen 732.744.9618 http://www.fresconj.com/

Known as one of the best kosher restaurants in New Jersey, Orchid Kosher is downtown Metuchen’s not so hidden gem. Of course, you can go for the pastrami sandwich (I mean look at that!) or try out the Baba Ganoush. There are plenty of options no matter what you do or don’t eat – and yes, everything is kosher!  455 Main Street, Metuchen 732.321.9829 http://www.theorchidkosher.com/

Who doesn’t like going out to a Mexican restaurant that’s not only lively, but serves up traditional dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Mariachi Mexican Restaurant will be your go to Mexican restaurant after one meal. We’ve become a bit obsessed with their refreshing cactus salad appetizer (trust us) and the Aquacate Relleno (half an avocado stuffed with shrimp, crabmeat tomato, onion, cilantro, olive oil and lemon juice). 413 Main Street, Metuchen 732.243.9852 http://www.mariachirest.com/

Chef Theadore Kappas embraces the “farm to table” approach at downtown Metuchen’s very own Greek restaurant, The Greek on the Main. This cozy BYOB eatery gives excells at giving traditional dishes a modern twist and is always complemented by superb service, and a custard dessert dish that is a must order! 419 Main Street, Metuchen 732.515.9457 http://thegreekonmain.com/

Welcome to Metuchen’s living room, otherwise known as Cai’s. Stop in for a drink, a small bite, or a full blown meal and a bottle of wine, this local’s spot is the place for any type of eating/drinking/hanging out situation. Unlike someone else’s home – you’re always welcome here. 420 Main Street, Metuchen 732.243.9925   https://www.caiscafe.com/

Indulge in the ultimate Thai experience at Phattra. Dishes are works of art, capturing the sweet, sour, and savory flavors of Thailand. This BYOB Metuchen restaurant gets rave reviews on everything from their Roti Appetizer to the Drunken Noodles, which locals have rightfully claimed as “one of the best.”  426 Main Street, Metuchen 732.515.9333 http://www.phattrathai.com/

At Fusha Asian you can enjoy Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai cuisine all under one roof. This lunch and dinner spot is the answer to all of your get together problems. Indulge in the specialty sushi rolls, the grilled Japanese eggplant appetizer, Salmon Teriyaki , and more. 452 Main Street, Metuchen 848.260.0777  http://fushametuchen.com/

This three-time Wine Spectator Award of Excellence winning restaurant is worth a visit (or a dozen)! Located just off of Main Street, Novita Bistro & Lounge offers a seasonal menu featuring local ingredients and plenty of vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. options to explore. Don’t miss out on Thursdays when they’ll make you up a delicious martini for just $7. 25 New Street, Metuchen 732.549.5306 http://www.novitanj.com/

French. Asian. Southern. Imagine all of those cuisines combined into a meal that will give your tastebuds something they’ve never experienced before. The Bishop’s Bistro menu is packed with fun textures, delicious flavors, and unique presentations that will have you wondering why you haven’t made your way here sooner. 7 New St, Metuchen 732.549.0759   https://www.facebook.com/BishopsBistroRestaurant/

For the past five years, Breezes Café & Grill has brought the flavors of the Caribbean to the streets of Metuchen. With dishes originating from islands including Trinidad, Guyana, and Jamaica, you can guarantee that each dish comes with a lot of soul and a lot of flavor. 567 Middlesex Avenue, Metuchen   732.902.6220   http://www.breezesgrill.com/

Proud owner and host, Nick Borzone is a local celebrity thanks to his restaurant, Lola Latin Bistro. The menu is packed with traditional meals that were inspired by Borzone’s grandmother’s love for food. You’ll spend the night in love too, that is with the Skirt Steak and the bottle of wine that you brought (yes, it’s a BYOB!)  87 Central Avenue, Metuchen 732.548.5652  http://www.lolalatinbistro.com/

For more information about the Metuchen restaurant scene, please visit the Downtown Metuchen Alliance’s website and their restaurant directly.